Find Your Reward

We are on a mission to reach        1 million women with self-care practices, because self-care is a necessity and with chocolate mindfulness it's luxurious.  Help us reach this goal by funding the development and launch of our Chocolate Mindfulness App.  You will receive a fabulous reward as a sincere thank you!

Business MYRetreat

Through MYRetreat, employees experience stress reduction, leading to increased engagement and productivity, which is better for business.  We provide self-care and wellness services to those living and working in stressful environments.  Connect with us for details.

Women's Retreats

The Chocolate Mindfulness Retreat connects you with your body, mind, and breath.   Enjoy eating chocolate mindfully, and our gratitude journaling detox, with this bite-sized retreat.  Leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Select a piece of chocolate and join us for this virtual experience.  Your ticket awaits!

Custom Retreat

MYRetreat offers you and your guests a completely guided 90 minute experience customized to your needs. Our lives are driven by the needs of others, and high expectations of ourselves.  Release the false narrative of perfection, and reconnect with your values.  Connect with us for details.


MYRetreat is on a mission to reach one million women, to help them cope with the stressors of motherhood and life. Click on the image above to share how you "Woosah", aka relax. Let this serve as a gentle reminder for self-love.  One winner will receive a signed copy of the book, The Love Project.

Gift Certificate

Have a friend, sister, mother, wife, cousin who needs a special gift?  Find yourself saying "Let me know if there's anything I do", and wanting to put meaning behind these words?  The MYRetreat gift certificate is a beautiful way to say "I see you and I care about you".  The MYRetreat experience is guaranteed to please.

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